Sunday, July 12, 2009

Questions about islam

Question 1:Name the religion which wants its followers to believe in only One God for whom yhe word in Arabic is Allah,and the word in english is God.
Answer:Islam is that religion.

Question 2:Why not a muslim call himself a muhammadian?
Answer:Because ,The Christians worship Jesus Christ or through him,therefore they are called christians.A muslims does not worship Prophet Muhammad.So he must not be called a muhammadan,because it gives wrong impression.

Question 3:Why we need the last prophet,the prophet Muhammad,and the last Holy Book,The Holy Quran?
Answer:We needed a last prophet,which is Muhammad,because the Divine message amny other prophets brought has been altered and misunderstood.We need a last book because The Holy Quran is only book that has not been altered and will not and cannot be milionns of Muslims know it by heart,whereas other holy books have been altered.If all copies of the Quran(which Allah forbid)were burnt,the very next moment the Quran would spring to live again from the milion who know it by heart.So you can see,there is no chance Quran ,being lost or altered

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